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About painter

My name is Svetlana Voitenko, I live in the city of Novosibirsk. 

Embroidery and creativity are not my main occupation. 

Although, if you dig into my archives of documentary, you can find a professional certificate confirming that I am a professional embroiderer of the third level))) and I can embroider not only with counted cross, but still love him more than all the other techniques. 

And in my feminine race, my grandmother, mother and aunt embroidered. And they all had and have a passion for big, bright works, which perfectly decorate house, and many people took them for picture, not for embroidery. 

I embroider when I need to think, to take a decision. Or when I see a set of embroidery, which sinks into the soul, and then the work is done much faster. 

Get to know my work and choose the one that you will respond, and which will be not just a decoration for your home, but also bring with it a positive charge of energy with which it was embroidered. 

With gratitude and love, 

Svetlana Voitenko.

Painter works

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Girl on the beach
90 Eur

Woman in a green…
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Woman in a red…
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