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Born in 1959 in the village of Ekimchan, Amur region. The first "adult" drawing "Interer diapers" was self-performed at the age of 5. Father amassed my easel, and I went to the open air. I painted mostly landscapes with hills. Copied the "9th Wave" of Aivazovsky. At the age of 12 participated in the regional exhibition of young artists in Blagoveshchensk. Graduated from the PMS. After graduation he worked in Akademgorodok. He met Natalia Chizhik in early 1984 - the first class pasted abstract collages, and then painted plaster ball. I understood that this is mine. I attended the studio until 1989, and then, until 1998, went from NA in the students. Natalia - a representative of the St. Petersburg school (she studied with Dmitry Alexandrovich Shuvalov "Mukhinka" and taught at the preparatory department there, worked at Lenfilm). Conceptually starting points for her were Suprematism and Russian classical avant-garde. Time range of artistic phenomena under study covered the period from the frescoes of Giotto to the best works of contemporary art. The main task, according to her, she thought to teach a person to "see".


Typically, each session to make quick sketches of minute human figure, put still lifes, at the end of occupation dismantled and discussed work (always without compromise, sometimes even hard). Not all studiytsy maintained such pressure. In the end, he formed a group that called itself the "Mart" studio. I've always been lucky with the teachers, but the main teacher has been and remains Natalia. I was lucky that I met her - I feel perfectly natural in any professional artistic environment. Most of my exhibitions realized in the group of artists "Association of Free Artists named Bathing the Red Horse Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin" (Oleg Gorokhov, Elena Yudina). I am the member of art projects "Unknown Russia" (Belgium, 1998), "Tengri-Umai" (Kazakhstan, 2002), "On Painting" (St. Petersburg, 2006), "Letters from New - letter Novo" (Germany, 2006), " Ark "(Helsinki, 2008). Since 2007, member of the professional creative union "Association" Free Culture "(St. Petersburg). Member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2010. Works are in the Museum of Modern Art "Erarta" (St. Petersburg); the Museum of Nonconformist Art (St. Petersburg); state museums in Tomsk, Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk; in private collections in Russia and abroad: Germany, Belgium, England, USA, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Czech Republic. Winner ArtPreview-2010 (Moscow) in the nomination "Painting". Diploma Project "Siberia-X", "Krasny Prospekt", "Hamburg account".

Painter works

Parisian dogs



Embankment Arsenalle

Manya and Colonel

St. Isaac's Cathedral

Barge in Paris



Calle Arsenale